2018 ham & Xmas roast orders!



We have other cuts available (porchettas, bone-in shoulders, coppas, sausages and more...) this year. Just fill in the form below to request yours and we’ll confirm orders no later than 1 December. You’ll be invoiced in December for payment before the 20th once we’ve weighed and bagged all products.

All special orders aside from hams will be delivered frozen in cryovac, as we slaughter all the pigs for xmas hams in time for the slow brining and smoking process, which is where the extra roasts and sausages come from. This means that we’re finished with all butchery for the year by the first week of December!

Melbourne orders will receive your xmas orders in our final delivery for the year, which will be on Thursday 20 December

Regional orders will be available at the farm gate for pick up only also on or after Thursday 20 December. :-) 

Uncommonly delicious farmstead haMS

SOLD OUT OF HAMS! (5/10/18)


As loyal supporters of the Jonai community, our CSA members had a head start on placing orders for our xmas hams. Due to a very fecund year here on the farm, this year we have 60 hams (or gammon) available in total. We're only doing whole hams - the weight varies with the size of the pigs, so the hams are anywhere from 2kg up to around 5kg and cost $38/kg. 

All our hams are slow brined in a mixture with just salt, brown sugar, and Stuart's stout, then smoked with local red gum chips from our mate Liam's (of Cider House String Band fame) mill. The traditional slow brining method results in a slightly drier product than most commercial Australian hams, which are pump brined to speed up the process - the moistness of those hams is largely created by pumping with saline and tumbling.

Note that all of our cured products are also made without the addition of nitrites, which is what gives conventionally-made ham and bacon the lurid pink colour to which most people are accustomed, as well as the distinctive taste - it's the taste of preservative.

Because the traditional method is more likely to dry out if cooked further, we recommend serving the hams fresh rather than cooking them. And given xmas is during summer in Australia surely a cold ham is better anyway! 

If you are interested in a gammon (uncooked ham - just pickled) rather than a smoked ham, just tick the box and we'll reserve yours. These are great for those who do want to cook a ham for xmas. 

2019 Jonai Workshops!

Our 2019 suite of workshops are live! Whether you want to learn the basics of butchery and curing, sausage making, transforming the whole pig into a range of salumi, or running an ethically-viable no-growth farm like Jonai Farms, we have the day for you. What better gift these holidays than a day spent together on the farm learning, making, and feasting?

Gift certificates available. See all 2019 workshops here!

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Coppa roast
The shoulder is the tastiest bit of the pig, and the coppa is the queen of the shoulder. Boned for easy carving, the coppa is a clear Jonai favourite. $30/kg
Bone-in shoulder
Loin rack roast (frenched)
Treasured for its tenderness and appealing rack of ribs, a loin roast is a simple way to showcase some ethical pork at your holiday feast. $32/kg
Pork mince
Bacon (nitrite free)
Like all our smoked products, our bacon is nitrite free, so it's not lurid pink and it tastes distinctively of beautiful cured & smoked pork, not preservative as is typical in other commercial bacon. We do a middle bacon (loin with a tail of belly) and streaky bacon (belly), and sell all in blocks. Sliced only by special request. $34/kg block, $38/kg sliced.
We'll be making our ever-popular Toulouse, Cumberlands, and Pork & Fennel sausages this year, but we're open to your suggestions. If enough people request something particular Tammi & the team will be happy to make another flavour or two just for fun!
Smoked hock
Our smoked hocks range from 300g to 700g. $18/kg
Paté de tête
Traditional French charcuterie made simply from pigs' heads, fresh herbs, salt & pepper. Beautiful spread on crusty bread with cornichons. $15/300ml jar
Jonai air-cured jamón
Our jamóns are cured from pigs over 18 months old - mostly cull breeders at around 5 years old - who've spent their whole lives out on rich paddocks. Their hind legs are patiently and simply cured with salt and hung for a minimum of 20 months and a maximum of 36. The result is a nutty, umami flavour unlike any other in the world. We believe we may be the only farm in Australia offering these Spanish-style farmstead delicacies on the bone! As the farm is so small, we have a very limited supply, and are offering just three whole jamóns on the bone this holiday season. $84/kg