Grow Your Ethics - Canberra Food Sovereignty Convergence Special!


Grow Your Ethics - Canberra Food Sovereignty Convergence Special!

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Sunday 14 October 2018 - 1-5pm

Canberra City Farm

The Jonai are coming to Canberra!

This workshop is a condensed version of what we run on the farm, and covers everything in our multi-tiered business plan including pastured pig and cattle farming, sourcing waste-stream feed while ensuring a well-rounded diet for pigs, managing a miniscule supply chain, direct sales, and education and outreach as integral to our ethically-viable no-growth model.

Tammi will explain our philosophy and mission, which includes practising radical transparency and deep engagement with our growing community of eaters, including our CSA structure. We share specs and costings for our on-farm butcher’s shop, curing room, and commercial kitchen, as well as information on working through regulations and planning issues for on-farm further processing for livestock farmers. We also include a session on successful crowdfunding for regenerative agriculture.

The workshop will run from 1pm to 5pm, commencing with a casual, delicious lunch. Numbers are limited to 24.

Price is inclusive of GST. Note that the price for two people is intended for two people from the same business, as we want to encourage business and life partners to learn together!

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