Jonai jamón

(18-36 month air-cured ham)

What better way to pay full respect to an animal raised mindfully with care in a healthy environment free to express its natural behaviours every day than to transform its muscles into time-honoured traditional products such as a Spanish-style jamón. Simply salted, equalised, and hung on the bone for a minimum of 18 months, Jonai jamón is the queen of the curing room.

Most of our jamóns are made from sows at the end of their reproductive lives (around 5 years old), which makes for a large, deeply coloured and flavoured end product. These jamóns typically weigh between 8 and 14kg and are cured for a minimum of 24 and up to 36 months. We also slaughter a small number of pigs at around 18 months for a shorter cure of 18-24 months - as appropriate for younger muscles and a smaller end product. These jamóns typically weigh between 5 and 9kg.

As we are an intentionally small farm, we have a very limited supply of jamóns - typically just 6 to 10 available each year. While we do slice and sell smaller volumes to our loyal CSA members and through the farm gate shop (at $120/kg for those cured 24-36 months and $110/kg for those cured 18-24 months), most are sold whole and on the bone (at $84/kg for those cured 24-36 months and $77/kg for those cured 18-24 months to account for bone & skin weight). A whole jamón presented on a stand (Jonai-made stands coming soon!) makes a great statement at weddings and other joyful celebrations.

To order your jamón, email us at jonaifarms (at) or ring Tammi on 0422 429 362.

Other cured meats

We also have a range of Italian-style salumi - coppa (capocollo), pancetta, guanciale, and bresaola - available by special order whole or sliced. See prices below.

other farm gate sales

We have a thriving CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model in place and no longer take online orders. To become a member, check out our CSA page. You are still welcome to pop in and shop at the farm gate Mon-Sat 10-4pm, and go for a wander in the paddocks to meet the happy piggehs while you're at it. :-) 

Any unusual requests or enquiries can still be made by emailing jonaifarms (at)


Our focus is on households, but where possible we're happy to supply like-minded restaurants for special events. We don't have a wholesale price list, but whole primals, and half or whole pigs are at a lower price than individual cuts as our pricing is based on our labour inputs. We do not sell to restaurants with industrial, intensive meat on their menus as we refuse to greenwash others’ variable ethics.

If you're keen to to have a chat, ring Tammi on 0422 429 362. :-)